Rocky and Ringy the Movie 2!

Rocky and Ringy the Movie 2! is a sequel to the original Rocky and Ringy the Movie. The movie was first teased in fall of 2013 and was released on youtube on February 12, 2014. 

This movie was more popular than the first movie, and, because of this, some call it Ringy and Turtup the Movie.


The story begins with Squidy (who can't read) signing a treaty that makes him part of Octy's New Armada for eternity.

Meanwhile, the four main characters ( Turtup, Turtupa, Ringy, and Mr. Pug ) are relaxing when they start hearing a rumbling sound. Suddenly, a huge flying pirate ship appears and starts bombing the town! The ship abducts a crab (Evil Crabby) from the prison, as a few birds and Evil Octy jump out of the ship. The birds start sending people into the prison while the main characters hide in Seth's Video Game Shop. Octy follows them and kidnaps them. In the airship, while Octy pilots the ship, the four friends find Squidy, who, accidentally pulls a switch, opening a trapdoor in the floor.

The friends fall and land in the middle of Rootvile Desert, in a town known as Rootville. The mayor of Rootville, Evil Crabby, "welcomes" the new characters. Out of nowhere, a red panda named Red brings the friends to her house and heals them and gives them quaesadillas. She brings them to the Rootville Mines, where they meet Mudtup, a Mudkip. Mudtup calls Squidy "Lord Squidy" much to everyone's surprise, and tells the gang that the citizens were mind controlled by a dragon and an octopus to become evil. Mudtup also says that they must go to the Enchanted Kingdom where they would be safe. The 7 friends hop into minecarts ready to go to their destination. Meanwhile, Octy arrives and goes into the Rootville Volcanoes to seek help again from Dracor. As the pair leave, Crabby finds the heroes' footprints leading into the mines. He chases them, but eventually falls into lava.

The gang soon finds themselves at the Enchanted Kingdom.