Ringy and Turtup is the first series made by Ian for the channel. It takes place in Treeville, a magical town where stuffed animals are alive.

In November 2013, Ian announced that the series had been cancelled, and that the sequel to Rocky and Ringy the Movie would be released to conclude the series. Ringy and Turtup the Movie! (since the first movie was unfinished) was released in early 2014.



Ringy is a female tomboyish ringtail lemur. She has a crush with Mr. Pug, ( and Rocky in Rocky Returns). She is the first character seen in the series along with Rocky. They used to be great friends until Rocky dissappeared.

In Rocky and Ringy the Movie, she is captured by Octy's Old Armada, so she calls Rocky to hire Mr. Pug and Turtup, two bounty hunters, to save her and defeat Octy. She is later saved, learning that Rocky has dissappeared (until Rocky Returns). She previously met Turtup when Turtup moved to Treeville. She later fell in love with Mr. Pug and became friends with Turtup. They then are able to save the Great Tree of Treeville from Octy.

In Ringy and Turtup the Movie 2!, she is captured, along with Turtup, Turtupa, Mr. Pug, and Squidy, by Octy's Airship. She then meets her opposite, Red, a red panda who is cowardly and girly. They then all venture to the Enchanted Kingdom and save Treeville from Dracor, a dragon that hypnotized the citizens to become evil.

She and Mr. Pug always try to make out but are always interrupted by something.


Turtup is a male blue Shellos pokemon who is very stupid.

In Rocky and Ringy the Movie, he is first seen getting hired as a bounty hunter to kill Evil Octy. He then saves Ringy and saves Treeville.

Turtup then becomes friends with Ringy and Mr. Pug for the rest of the series.

He hates Turtupa, a pink female Shellos who is always trying to kiss him.

Turtup then does the same thing as Ringy in RTM2!.

Mr Pug

Mr Pug is a male pug. He first appeared in RRM along with Turtup.

Mr Pug's love interest is Ringy for unknown reason. They were first seen kissing in unaired Christmas special. Their love trend has continued on into the normal episodes.

In Rocky Returns, he is seen being jealous of Rocky and Ringy being reunited romanticaly. He and the rest of the gang, along with Rocky, try to beat up Turtupa later. Rocky and Turtupa are then killed by the lava (although Turtupa survives for some reason, and Rocky's hand is seen sticking out of the lava).

In The Coptopus, Mr Pug testifies on Turtup's side all three times.

In RTM2!, he does the same thing as Ringy, with Mrs. Kitty as his counterpart.


Rocky was the original main character of the series. In Rocky and Ringy Ride, he goes to the amusement park with Ringy. In Rocky Wakes Up, Rocky does not know that Ringy is on vacation, so he goes ballistic.

In RRM, he sends the two bounty hunters (Mr Pug and Turtup) to save Ringy and Treeville from Octy.

He then dissapears, but later appears in Rocky Returns. He finds Ringy and the two start dating. Mr Pug becomes jealous at this. Rocky then volunteers to Rocky-Rocket across the lava to fight Turtupa. He then hits the axe, and the bridge (along with Turtupa and Rocky himself) fall into the lava, as a reference to Super Mario Bros' boss fights.

Evil Octy

Evil Octy is the true main antagonist of the series. He repeatedly tries to kill Ringy and Turtup, as well as to take over Treeville.

He first appeared in RRM when he captured Ringy and enslaved a crew of sea animals to take over the town. One of these minions was Squidy. When Octy told them to kill Ringy, instead of doing the job, the minions all fled into the sea (with Anemone stuck in a footprint). Octy then fights them in the Final Battle. He is then defeated.

In Rocky Returns, he hypnotizes Turtupa to like him and destroy the town.

In The Coptopus, he dresses up differently and tries to become a cop, so he can get back at Turtup. He then accuses Turtup of "being a BIG jerk" and goes to court. Turtup is then sentenced to jail three times for many different crimes. Mega Krstethy then destroys the wall to the jail and Turtup is free.

In RTM2!, he gets help from a dragon to hypnotize Rootville and Treeville's people to become his minions. His plan is successful until the gang jumps out of his Airship. He is then defeated in the Final Battle and the two towns are saved.


Squidy is a cute pink purple polka dot squid who has a high pitched voice. He can only say simple sentences, Yes, No, Squidy?, Squiiiii-DY!, and Rock!. He flops around and can high-jump. He is by far the most famous caracter in the channel, because of his hysterical stunts in Ringy's Vacation, next to Ralph and Jeffery. He is also (in RTM2!) revealed to be the most important being in the world, as he is the Decider, the person who decides who the Chosen Ones are, explaining his tactics in RRM. He chose Bull, who was frozen in a rock for many years. He then chose the gang, as they saved him from Robot XXV.

In RRM, he is enslaved by Octy. He and Octy's Old Armada fled into the sea. He then goes through the sewers to come out of the Cemetary's toilet, only to find that Ringy was dead. Stingy then revived Ringy, and Squidy followed the gand throughout their journey.

In RTM2, Squidy, along with the rest of the gang, are kidnapped by Octy's airship. They then fall out of it, and go on their journey. Squidy is then revealed to be the Decider, much to the surprise of the group. He then fights the Dragon and kills it.

Squidy is Ian's favorite Ian2bp5 character he's created, next to Snivy and Jeffery.

Cancellation and possible return Edit

After the series had been concluded, an anonymous fan tweeted Ian about the possible return of the series. He responded, "Probably not, but maybe!"

In September 2014 another fan asked if there is any chance of the series' return. Ian responded, "It's possible! But if it does it will be a huge thing and would actually have to be scripted, unlike all of the other movies." This statement led many to belivee that the return of the series would be another movie.