Minecraft: The Adventures of the Silverfish Army

is a series following the adventures of Ralphypuppy (a human/crab/zoidberg player), The Silverfish Army, Jeffery (a gay minecraft Pufferfish item), and their spaceship known as the Gray Death.

The series is by far the most popular on the channel, as the channel saw a 250 subscriber rise since its release.

The series started with the episode Minecraft: Haunted Hostages! ( although there were let's plays of MC before that), and it was temporairily suspended upon the release of The Legend Continues, ending with the episode Jeffery Does Heroisim.

Ian, the owner of the channel, stated that "Really, Jeffery (in Jeffery Does Heroisim) was actually being transfered through multiple copies of himself (caused by the Christmas episode), so really, the series never really was cancelled. It's coming back soon, don't worry, freakazoids". Later, the series resumed with the episode, "Meet the Endermites!"

However, the series was cancelled again in August 2014 so that Ian could get started on his exciting new series.

The main character of the series is Ralphypuppy.

Ralph was origionally a human who was working in a lab with the DNA of Silverfish and Crabs. The DNA spilled on him, turning him into a half-bug, with the help of Future Jeffery and his future self, although the spiders almost prevented this. He was then able to build a spaceship, summon silverfish, meet Jeffery in World War 2, and go on a journey.


Ralph was first born on a bus. A time traveling Jeffery then was able to save him and his mom from the Spiders.


Ralph once died when he saved Earth from in alien invasion in the future. He then respawned in his own time because there was still a timeline of him in the past.

In an alternate future when Jeffery doesn't save Ralph, Ralph and his mom are murdered by the Spiders.

Dr. Whatshisface

Dr. Whatsisface is a white robed villager who went with Ralph to Tokyo in the Godzilla episode.

He is constantly experimenting, as shown in the episode in which he returns. He is also evil, as he wanted to purchase the Grey Death.

Arm and Leg

Arm and Leg are two silverfish who are Ralph's butlers and had their own miniseries for a while.


Weef is a mentally retarded silverfish who was created when Dr. Whatsisface put a silverfish named Rees (named after the creator's friend) into the Retardo Machine. He only utters one word (WROOEEEEIIIIIIITTTHHHFFFF!).


Jeffery is the main supporting protagonist of the series and is Ralph's best friend.

Jeffery saved Ralph won many different occasions. Jeffery first appeared in the episode The Rescue of Jeffery, when Ralph saved him from the Spider King. Jeffery is a pufferfish (MC 1.7 design) with an British accent and is extremely queer.

Jeffery passed away in The Death of Jeffery Part 1. He was thrown into lava by an evil Spider Jockey Cop. He comes back to live, though, in The Ressurection of Jeffery Part 2, after Ralph prevented his death with the Time Machine, which he also used to save Christmas by creating many clones of themselves to deliver the presents, although this fiasco is the cause for many later episodes.


Spider King

The Spider King is a regular spider mob who has had a grudge against the Silverfish since prehistoric times. He and his army (of Cave Spider mobs) always set out to kill Ralph.

Once they kidnapped Jeffery and Ralph fought the Spider King.

Another time at Christmas, the Spider King hired a hitman to kill Jeffery. Jeffery was then killed but avenged by Ralph. Ralph then stole the Spiders' time machine to save Jeffery and Christmas.